17 Jan 2024

Ghitha Holding: Benchmarking Trading and Distribution

In the realm of trading and distribution, Ghitha Holding stands as the epitome of excellence and innovation, distinguishing itself through a multifaceted approach that encompasses operational prowess, diversified portfolios, and a steadfast commitment to quality and growth. Established in 2002, this eminent company, previously known as Zee Stores, commenced its journey as a retail subsidiary under the esteemed IHC Abu Dhabi. Ghitha Holding, initially recognized as Zee Stores, undertook a transformative journey, evolving into an investment holding powerhouse with a comprehensive suite of subsidiaries, each standing as a pillar of strength in various sectors.


Diverse Portfolio, Unparalleled Offerings

 One of Ghitha Holding's defining traits lies in its expansive and diverse portfolio. Boasting over 10,000 products sourced from globally renowned manufacturers across countries such as the United States of America, Thailand, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, the company epitomizes adaptability to like be evolving market demands and customer preferences. Notably, its subsidiaries—Al Ajban Poultry, Alliance Food Company, Zee Stores International, Agrinv (Al Hashemeya), Royal Horizon Holding, Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company (ADVOC), MIRAK, Apex Investment PSC, and Al Jaraf Fisheries—comprise a conglomerate that extends beyond food products to encompass manufacturing, trading, agriculture, and food services.


Commitment to Quality and Operational Standards

 Ghitha Holding's unwavering commitment to maintaining international standards of excellence is evident in its adherence to stringent quality benchmarks such as HACCP and ISO 9001:2015 accreditations. Such dedication ensures the highest levels of food safety and hygiene across its extensive array of products. With a strategic prominence on importation, repackaging, storage, and distribution of dry canned, chilled, frozen, processed, and fresh food products, household items, stationery, disposables, and cosmetics, Ghitha Holding remains a reliable supplier delivering unparalleled quality.


Visionary Leadership and Strategic Direction

 At the helm of Ghitha Holding stands a visionary leadership team spearheaded by CEO Falal Kizhakkeppurayil, supported by key executives such as Abdulla Qaissey, Fazal Ameen, and Shaji Philip. Guided by Chairman Mohammed Ajalyaqin, the company navigates strategic rebranding initiatives, acquisitions, and subsidiary formations, strengthening core competencies in wholesale importing and trading.


Financial Acumen and Growth Trajectory

Ghitha Holding's financial performance mirrors its operational excellence. Demonstrating impressive growth rates across net sales revenue, total operating revenue, EBITDA, total assets, and total equity, the company has carved a niche for itself in the market. Despite marginal fluctuations in net profit margins and return on equity, Ghitha Holding maintains a robust industry presence, continually striving for sustainable growth and operational efficiency.


Contributing to National Development and Beyond

 Beyond its corporate successes, Ghitha Holding aligns its strategies with national development agendas, particularly in bolstering food security strategies. Emphasizing its pivotal role in food and agriculture sectors, the company envisions bolstering the UAE's objectives while cementing its position as a key player in the regional trading landscape.

 In summary, Ghitha Holding distinguishes itself not merely through its diverse portfolio and financial acumen, but through its unwavering commitment to quality, visionary leadership, and alignment with national goals. As a pioneering entity in trading and distribution, Ghitha Holding continuously redefines industry benchmarks, accentuating excellence, innovation, and broader societal contributions.