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Ghitha Holding is an eminent trading and distribution firm operating as a retail subsidiary under IHC Abu Dhabi. Our specialization ranges from food to non-food produce and provides boundless services including importing, trading, wrapping, storage, and more.

We prioritize time and quality every step of the way, to assure our customers of the best products.

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07 May 2024

Growth of Ghitha Holding

Ghitha Holding, the Abu Dhabi-based conglomerate synonymous with quality food and agriculture in the UAE, continues to flourish. Their impressive first-quarter 2024 results paint a picture of a company not just achieving financial success, but also a
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29 May 2024

Key Factors to Consider While Selecting Warehousing and Distribution Partners

The UAE, a thriving commercial hub in the Middle East, offers a plethora of opportunities for businesses. But with great opportunities come complex logistics. To ensure efficient product movement and happy customers, choosing the right warehousing an
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19 May 2024

Quality and Cost, choosing the Right Choices with Food Importers

In today's globalized world, our plates are adorned with a vibrant variety of flavours. From the succulent mangoes of Thailand to the rich olive oil of Greece, food importers play a vital role in bringing these international ingredients to our kitche

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