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Ghitha Holding is an eminent trading and distribution firm operating as a retail subsidiary under IHC Abu Dhabi. Our specialization ranges from food to non-food produce and provides boundless services including importing, trading, wrapping, storage, and more.

We prioritize time and quality every step of the way, to assure our customers of the best products.

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27 Apr 2024

How to Choose the Right Food Importer for Your Business in UAE

Navigating the complex world of food importation in the UAE can be challenging for businesses looking to source quality products. With a plethora of options available, selecting the right food importer can significantly impact the success and reputat
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26 Apr 2024

The Evolution of Food Distribution Companies in UAE

UAE boasts a vibrant food scene, fuelled by a diverse population and a thriving economy. But this culinary tapestry wouldn't be possible without the silent heroes behind the scenes: food distribution companies. Their journey, much like the UAE itself
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22 Apr 2024

The Role of Distribution Companies in UAE

The United Arab Emirates has emerged as a thriving economic hub in the Middle East. This growth can be attributed to several factors, but a crucial element is the robustness of its distribution network. Distribution companies in the UAE play a vital

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