Purposed with reclaiming and equipping commercial land plots with the basic facilities that make it suitable for cultivation, Agrinv (Al Hashemiya for Land Reclamation and Cultivation S.A.E.) was founded in 2004 in Egypt and joined the IHC family in April 2020.

Al Jaraf Fisheries L.L.C. (“the Company”) is a limited liability company incorporated on 30 July 2005. The principal activities of the Company are commercial activities on land-based aquaculture, sea-based aquaculture and retail sale of fresh fish and marine animals.

Alliance Food Securities Holdings (AFSH) is a focused, expert organization specializing in supply chain management and sales of forage and animal feed. AFSH provides end-to-end business solutions in the form of 'farm to client' through procurement, processing, storage, logistics and transportation, sales and marketing, and technical support.