Mohammed Somar Ajalyaqin

– Chairman, Ghitha Holding

With the UAE's National Food Security Strategy aiming to make the Emirates the world's most food-secure nation by 2051, expanding operations in food and agriculture presents an ideal opportunity to deliver shareholder value through commercial success while supporting the national development agenda. This transformation of Zee Stores into Ghitha Holding represents the next stage in the company's journey, and through our growing operations we will continue to play an even greater role in this sector.

Falal Ameen

– CEO, Ghitha Holding

Ghitha Holding was destined to set the benchmark for retail service quality. Ghitha Holding has consistently grown in income, benefit, and resources. Buyers want the greatest products and services in a highly competitive retail market with more companies than ever. To guarantee long-term relationships, we want to give our clients cutting-edge solutions and innovations. With proactive customer and employee satisfaction programs, we enhance our authoritative excellence and quality consciousness. We managed to gain a solid market position and became a preferred partner for many global companies.

In submission, I would like to thank all our valued partners and our dedicated personnel for their unwavering commitment to seeing us become a leader of choice. I am convinced that we will be a commercial force and a trusted partner in the global Horizon.