17 Feb 2024

Why Ghitha Holding Food Products are Best Sellers in the Market

Step into a world where taste meets excellence. Formerly known as Zee Stores, Ghitha Holding, a renowned food trading company in the UAE has transformed the market exceptionally. With a commitment to quality and a diverse global portfolio, Ghitha Holding's products indeed stand out. Let's find the reasons behind their market dominance, where every bite tells a story of innovation, trust, and a harmonious blend of global and local flavours.

1. Quality Assurance

Ghitha Holding has earned its place in the market by prioritising quality of their products. With a commitment to HACCP and international standards for food safety and hygiene, the company ensures that every product that hits the shelves meets the highest benchmarks. Accredited under ISO 9001:2015, Ghitha Holding leaves no room for compromise, making their food products a symbol of top-notch quality.


2. Local Flavour, Globally Sourced

One of the key reasons Ghitha Holding food products remain the best is their strategic sourcing from renowned manufacturers worldwide. The company imports goods from various parts of the globe, bringing a global culinary experience to local consumers. This blend of international excellence and local flavour makes Ghitha Holding's products tempting, resonating with a diverse consumer base.


3. Diverse Portfolio

With a diverse portfolio of over 10,000 products, Ghitha Holding stands as a one-stop-shop for all culinary needs. Whether it's fresh chicken from Al Ajban Poultry, seafood from Asmak, or premium edible oils from ADVOC, Ghitha Holding's subsidiaries cover a broad spectrum of food products. Their range of products not only caters to varied preferences but also ensures customer loyalty by providing a solution for every culinary requirement.


4. Innovation and Adaptability

Ghitha Holding thrives on innovation and adaptability, continuously evolving its products based on customer preferences. Resonating with market trends, the company ensures that their food products remain not only relevant but also ahead in the market. From traditional staples to trendy choices, the company's adaptability keeps its products in high demand.


5. Brand Trust and Legacy

Ghitha Holding boasts of a rich legacy. Their extraordinary journey through the years has contributed to the trust the brand has built over the years. Consumers associate Ghitha Holding with reliability, transparency, and a commitment to excellence. This brand trust contributes significantly to the popularity of Ghitha Holding's food products, making them a preferred choice in the market.


6. Emphasis on Local Roots

While Ghitha Holding sources globally, it places significant emphasis on understanding and valuing local preferences. Subsidiaries like Royal Horizon and Al Ain Farms cater specifically to the tastes and needs of UAE nationals. This combination of global variety and a focus on local roots adds a unique dimension to Ghitha Holding's food products, appealing to a broad spectrum of consumers.

Ghitha Holding's food products soar above the competition due to all the reasons mentioned above. The company's ability to blend international excellence with local relevance makes its products, undoubtedly, the best sellers in the market, offering an experience that satisfies and delights consumers across the UAE.