25 Feb 2024

Royal Horizon | Discovering the Quality and Variety of Food Products

In the heart of the United Arab Emirates, a culinary empire has been quietly shaping in the field of fast-moving consumer goods and retail sectors – Royal Horizon. With a legacy spanning 14 years and a commitment to excellence, Royal Horizon stands tall, known for its well-executed projects and dedication to meeting the demands of its diverse customer base.

Royal Horizon takes pride in its extensive offering – a whopping 15,000 products across 15 brands. With a remarkable 14 years of experience, Royal Horizon has become a household name, synonymous with quality and variety in the realm of food products.

At the core of Royal Horizon's mission is the commitment to ensure a consistent, varied, and superior selection of food products. The company achieves this by embracing innovative and sustainable practices, promoting self-reliance, and actively contributing to the economic growth of the region. Guided by principles of excellence, integrity, and social responsibility, Royal Horizon aims to provide long-lasting solutions that contribute to the food security and prosperity of UAE.

Royal Horizon aspires to be more than a company – it aims to be a strategic partner in the food security of UAE. This vision shows the company's dedication to playing a pivotal role in shaping the culinary field and ensuring a reliable and resilient food supply for the nation.

Royal Horizon's values define its identity. Social responsibility, accessibility, reliability, quality, and efficiency are not just words but principles that guide every decision and action of the company. These values resonate through the entire journey, from sourcing to distribution, reflecting a commitment to not just meet but exceed customer expectations.

Under the guidance of Suhail Nekhaira (Chairman), Musa Musallam (Managing Director), and Ala Mikdadi (CEO), Royal Horizon has flourished, becoming a multi-faceted group of companies catering to diverse needs within the food industry.

Royal Horizon boasts three esteemed companies under its umbrella. Together, these companies stand as the pillars of culinary excellence within the Royal Horizon portfolio.

1. Royal Horizon General Trading: The flagship company specializing in the distribution of quality rice, including the award-winning Najm Suhail brand.

2. Overseas Foodstuff Trading: A diversified company supplying a range of food commodities, including its own brand names Malik, Hayyak, and Trust Food.

3. Fazaa Stores: A well-established retail company, a dedicated arm under Royal Horizon Holding, providing high-quality products at competitive prices.

Royal Horizon's journey clearly showcases their commitment to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. The company's legacy is built not just on numbers and products but on a vision to be a strategic partner in the UAE's food security. With a mission to elevate culinary experiences and a diverse portfolio, Royal Horizon continues to shape the future of food trading in UAE.