04 Mar 2024

Al Ajban Poultry Farm: Where Quality Meets Tradition

Al Ajban Poultry Farm, is a haven of tradition and excellence in Abu Dhabi. Since 1981, this farm has been dedicated to delivering not just chicken products but a legacy of quality and innovation. Let’s explore the farm's commitment to health, its journey, and the simple joy of bringing nutritious poultry from their farms to your table.

From Hatcheries to the Table

Established with a mission to bring the most nutritious food to tables across the UAE, Al Ajban Chicken has evolved into a fully integrated company, specializing in providing high-quality poultry, hatching eggs, and day-old chicks. The farm's commitment to excellence is evident in its achievement of ISO 22000 and HACCP certifications, making it the only farm in the UAE with both international accolades.

Commitment to Quality

At Al Ajban, every step of the poultry production process is carefully monitored and executed to ensure the highest quality. The farm is a pioneer in the UAE, using a fully automated vaccination and biosecurity system to promote optimal health among its flock. Strict separation among farms prevents disease, maintaining the safety of the flock from infection.

Diverse Range to Suit Every Palate

The Al Ajban range offers a wide array of Sharia-slaughtered poultry products, from fresh whole chicken to a variety of frozen parts. The farm supplies other entities with day-old chicks and hatching eggs, contributing to the poultry ecosystem's vitality in the region. With a commitment to a fully natural feed – no chemicals, antibiotics, or other medicines – Al Ajban Chicken ensures that their products are not just delicious but also healthy.

Pioneering Excellence

The processing department of Al Ajban Chicken is dedicated o quality. As the first poultry company in the UAE to have a Halal, HACCP & ISO 22000 certified processing plant, the farm ensures that its products adhere to the highest standards of food safety. The processing plant, equipped with the latest technology, holds the Halal concept throughout every step, monitored by the Quality & Production Manager.

Innovation and Responsibility

Al Ajban Poultry Farm stands as a pioneer in the Middle East with its integrated poultry laboratory, launched in 2013. Conducting hundreds of tests, ranging from Bacteriology and Virology to Immunology and Molecular Biology, the laboratory ensures that the poultry products are free from pathogens, guaranteeing the health and safety of consumers.

ISO 22000 and HACCP Certifications

In 2014, Al Ajban Chicken became the first UAE poultry company to achieve the Halal, HACCP & ISO 22000:2005 certification. This international food safety standard, issued by the International Standardization and Codex Alimentarius, shows to the farm's commitment to quality and safety.

 A Vision of Trust in Every Bite

Al Ajban Poultry Farm's goal is clear – to be the most trusted name in food and agricultural products in the UAE. From serving consumers with the freshest, healthiest foods to being the most trusted partner for customers and gatekeeper of the environment, the farm is poised to continue its journey of excellence in poultry farming.

In a region where culinary preferences are diverse, Al Ajban Chicken stands as a sign of quality and innovation, ensuring that every product that reaches your table is not just a meal but the result of commitment to excellence in poultry farming.