29 Mar 2024

Alliance Food Security Holdings LLC: Your Trusted Partner in Sustainable Forage

Founded on a commitment to people, partnerships, and sustainable practices, Alliance Food Security Holdings (AFSH) stands as a leading provider of ethical and well-managed food and feed supply chains worldwide.

AFSH’s Journey

AFSH are a group of dedicated experts in forage and feed with a collective experience of over 300 years. Together, they have built a strong and sustainable supply chain that serves food producers and supports food security programs across the globe. Their main focus is on managing supply chains, buying, processing, marketing, and selling forage and animal feed.

The journey began in 1978. With deep roots in the animal feed industry, the Gombos family and AFSH’s team of experts have worked tirelessly to develop advanced food and agricultural supply chains. They combine their family's legacy with the skills of their global team to innovate and deliver what their customers need, today and in the future.

They are committed to building strong and lasting relationships with their partners and customers worldwide. AFSH aims to support the growing dairy and livestock industries by providing quality feed and forage.

Nick Gombos, the CEO of AFSH, brings a wealth of experience and a strong entrepreneurial spirit to the company. With a deep passion for innovation and a dedication to excellence, Nick leads the team in upholding the company's legacy and ensuring customer satisfaction at every step.

AFSH Products

AFSH has two major products.

· Baled Products

· Dehydrated Pellets

Both are convenient and of high quality. They are easy to handle and store, ensuring your animals get the essential nutrients they need.

AFSH Quality Assurance

Quality is the top priority at AFSH. They are committed to providing detailed traceability for all their hay products, tracking them from the moment they are sourced to when they are delivered to their valued customers. Their team is dedicated to maintaining high standards at every stage of the production process.

Their global support, sales and customer service teams are available 24/7, 365 days a year. At AFSH, they believe in building trust and long-term partnerships with their customers.